Hasselblad X5 Flextight Negative and Transparency Scanner

Our Hasselblad Flextight X5 scanner can be hired out at an hourly rate of £42 incl.VAT per hour and we offer a free introduction tutorial to get your started If needed. It’s very straightforward to operate and produces very high quality files from your negatives and transparencies.

The maximum resolutions of the various formats are below:

Epson Expression 12,000 XL Flatbed Scanner 

Our flatbed scanner is an Epson Expression 12,000 XL pro and can be hired out for an hourly rate of £28,80 per hour with a free introduction tutorial if needed.

Maximum resolution – 1200 ppi

Maximum scan area – 310mm x 437mm

Pro retouching booths

Our high-spec booths with Mac Pro (64 GIG RAM), Eizo monitors, Wacom tablets & Adobe Photoshop. They can be hired out for £14,40 incl.VAT per hour.

Want to get the best scanning results for your artwork or negatives or just need some advice? Then Get in touch today and we can book a slot.

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