Make sure to get the most out of your monitor screen by making sure it is calibrated properly prior to editing artwork and printing. 

A correctly calibrated monitor is an essential tool for producing colour accurate prints. Your monitor should be calibrated to a standard neutral point to become part of an open loop colour system, which is the open standard across the photographic and imaging industry. This means that it can show you how your images will look when printed or viewed on other monitors.

In order to calibrate your monitor you will require a device called a spectrophotometer which measures the colour accuracy of your screen's output. Want to learn some more about monitor calibration? Then please do check out our monitor calibration video guide.

TIP - When calibrating your monitor, make sure you set your white point to the industry standard CIE illuminant D65 setting. At theprintspace, we calibrate using a X-rite spectrophotometer which we highly recommend!
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