All files to be uploaded to theprintspace order system for a print order, need to be formatted as follows:

  • Saved as a jpg or flattened tif format
  • 300 pixels per inch
  • Saved in 8bit
  • On our creativehub platform, when ordering a print with us, we have a built - in resizing and border tool for customers who are not to confident at resizing in Adobe Photoshop.
  • RGB colour space, or converted to the profile of the paper you are printing on (please find below a link to our helpful step by step file preparation video guide on colour accuracy and how to use or colour profiles).

    (Please note it's important that you do not use theprintspace colour profiles for Black & White printing. When printing Black & White images, use the standard Adobe 1998 profile. It is best to change your image mode to greyscale and then back to RGB in Photoshop to discard all colour information that may be in the file.)

TIP - When saving your file out of Adobe Photoshop, we recommend saving your file as a JPEG, at maximum quality 12 and format set at "Baseline Standard". This will allow for much quicker upload of your file, with minimal visual quality loss.

Need some further advice on file preparation? Then please do get in touch via our contact form or via our live chat.

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